Visual Portfolio


Child in Bath

Digital Medium (Procreate)Observica: AQUA 2022


Charcoal on paper 24"x 36"Done from life


Digital Medium (Procreate)Reference taken from Pinterest


Digital Medium (Procreate)

World Refugee Day

2022 Theme: Whoever, Wherever, WheneverDigital Medium (Procreate)

Acrylic on Canvas

Reference photo from National Geographic

Prisma Colored Pencil on paper 24" x 36"

Reference from National Geographic


Digital Medium (Procreate)Reference taken from Pinterest

Graphite on Paper 24" x 36"

Still Life (drawn from life)

Terra Skull

Acrylic on wood

Chair Study

Charcoal on Paper

Horse Skull

Charcoal on Paper

Bag Study

Charcoal on Paper



Acrylic on Canvas


Pacific Bay

Acrylic on Canvas



Charcoal on PaperDrawn from life

Lifted Weight

Digital Medium (Procreate)

Figure Study Digital

Digital Medium (Procreate)


Digital Medium (Procreate)

Figure Study Contour

Charcoal on PaperDrawn from Life

Medical Illustration

Knee Arthroplasty

Historically my comfort lies in 2-dimensional illustration of various mediums. As of late, I have made it a point to push myself and in my free time I am now studying Computer- Aided Design (CAD). It is my goal to gain proficiency in 3- dimensional animation so that I can more clearly illustrate surgical technique. While these skills are in their earlier stages, I hope you will enjoy watching my progress as much as I enjoy sharing.

Adult Skull 3D Rendering

Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction 

Patient  Breast Reconstruction Informational Worksheet

Created in collaboration with Dr. Erin Doren, MD, MPH 

ALT with TFL

Anterolateral Thigh Flap 

Illustrations/Banner/Pins created for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month 

on behalf of Froedtert and MCW Neurosurgery Department (March 2022 and 2023)

Kandinsky Craniums

Inspired by the famous 1913 Wassily Kandinsky piece: "Farbstudie Quadrate", in combination with craniosynostosis